It’s common for many of us these days to join an online work meeting with colleagues from right across Australia, have a medical appointment while chatting to your doctor via Zoom and talk to loved ones face-to-face virtually, even when they’re on the other side of the globe. 

So, it won’t come as a shock to you to learn that if you’re a client who wants to direct a voice over session online you can, all without putting a single foot in the studio.

Direct voice overs from anywhere

We call them directed voice over sessions and our clients love them.

As briefly mentioned, it allows you to direct or sit in on a voice over session from anywhere. Whether you are on the other side of the world, in another state, or would simply like to stay in your office or at home, we’ll organise a Zoom meeting so that you can listen and provide input to the voice over in real time.

Perfect for clients who are busy but want to have greater creative control of the voice over for their TV or radio commercial, corporate video, eLearning content or other production.

Directed voice over sessions make even more sense when you consider that many voice over artists have a home studio. Most of our talented people work this way and it’s very common in the industry.

This sometimes necessitates that the Zoom session can include people from more than two places, but as we all now know thanks to COVID-19 lockdowns, that’s not a problem.

Are directed voice over sessions common?

Some voice overs are done by clients giving an audio production company – who then passes it on to a voice over artist – a brief and the script. The voice over artist then records the session – usually from a home studio – without any direction. The production company will then edit the voice over and send the final audio to the client for approval.

However, it’s common for clients to be more hands-on. They want to be there with the voice over artist to provide instant feedback and recommendations. It might be as simple as asking for another take, or it might involve giving input into script changes on the fly, or providing direction on tone and emphasis.

Directed voice over sessions are more common for larger projects requiring voice overs. For example, national TV and radio commercials. In these cases, clients generally want to have more say and direction over the final product and ensure that it’s exactly what they require.

What do voice over artists think of directed voice over sessions?

Most voices love them! Direction and feedback is something that voice over talent appreciate. Directed voice over sessions can take more time and deliver more takes, but as we’ve mentioned, they’re not uncommon and any professional voice over artist will have experienced them.

Just because they are directed doesn’t mean the voice over artist doesn’t have input. While the input is certainly more collaborative, the voice over artist’s role is just as important. While he or she provides the ‘voice’, they also provide a lot of creative input and use their years of experience to deliver a voice over that meets, and often surpasses, the requirements of the client.

A directed voice over session gives clients greater creative control. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good the direction is, it’s up to the voice over artist to read a script without sounding like they’re reading it, interpret the script and get inside the script to be able to convey its true meaning.

Like to book a voice for a directed session? Talk to us!