Several weeks ago we examined the top 10 voice over artists of all time. A controversial subject because there have been so many superb voices over the years. People like Mel Blank and Don LaFontaine last century and, more recently, the sensational voices of artists such as Tara Strong, Hank Azaria and James Earl Jones.

No Australian made the list, possibly because we relied on a US YouTube channel as the source. However, this doesn’t diminish from the enormous contribution that Aussies have made to the voice over industry. 

So, in this post, let’s look at some of the top Australian voice over artists of all time. There will be names you know and those you don’t, but we guarantee you’ll know most of their voices!

Top Australian voice over artists

  • Going back a few decades, any list of great Australian voice over artists would have to include names like Brian Henderson and Roger Climpson. Both are also known for TV – Brian for hosting Bandstand and presenting the news, Roger for hosting This Is Your Life.
  • If you’re of a certain vintage, you’ll likely know Brian and Roger for their faces as well as their voices. The same can be said for people like Michael Caton, Samuel Johnson, Gyton Grantley, Adam Zwar and Damon Herriman.
    All are considered top actors, but are also the voice-overs behind many commercials, videos and other productions.
  • Then there are people who you probably wouldn’t know if you ran into them walking down the street. Voice over artists like Jim Pike, Nick O’Rourke, Matt Wills, Paul Pittioni and Nicholas McKay. Voices you’d recognise when you heard them – but not if you saw them!
  • We’ve named a lot of males so far, but in the Australian voice over industry, females make up close to 50 per cent of the voice over artists and are just as in demand.  Talent like Joe Van Es, Aimee Horne, Charlotte Gregg, Karen Jacobsen and Anna Hruby are some of the better-known ones. Although like many of other people in this post, you’d probably recognise their voices more than their names or faces.
  • Caroline Craig is another voice over artist who is also an actress, and a well-known one at that. She is perhaps best known for her role in Blue Heelers but has also starred in many other TV shows and movies. But perhaps her most well-known role is for her voice over artist work. While she’s done a lot, it’s narrating the Underbelly TV series that she’s most famous for.
  • When it comes to iconic voices for iconic ads, there are several worthy mentions. No list would be complete without the late John Meillon and the VB commercial – “Matter of fact, I’ve got it now”. John Laws was, of course, not only a well-known radio DJ but also did countless numbers of voice overs. Perhaps his most famous was for Valvoline. Then there’s the Sportsbet ads and the voice of Lee Perry. Perry has also been a voice over artist for movies such as Happy Feet and Mad Max Fury Road.

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