If you’re a business that runs ads on television or radio, produces eLearning content or creates podcasts or videos for your company, you’ll eventually need voice-over talent.

Before you go out and sign-up anyone for the job, however, it’s worth remembering just how important spoken words can be and how the right voice can make or break a project.

The power of the spoken word

One of the things that make humans unique in the animal world is our ability to communicate with our voices. No one knows for sure when we began doing this, but it’s thought to have started over two million years ago.

Fast forward two million years, and today most of us take our voices for granted. So, it’s easy to forget just how powerful our voices are.

Voice-only Interaction Study

For example, a study which was published in American Psychologist looked at whether people were able to glean messages and gauge emotions better during a voice-only interaction rather than using other cues such as face and body language. 

The study involved 1800 participants and used various experiments designed to test interactions using sound-only, sight and sound, and sight-only. Across all experiments, participants who only listened without observing were better able to determine messages and emotions accurately. 

Study author Michael Krause says, “Our research suggests that relying on a combination of vocal and facial cues, or solely facial cues, may not be the best strategy for accurately recognizing emotions or intentions of others.”

Choice of voice over talent as important as the script

Yes, voice is vital and our ability to vocalise is one of the most powerful instruments available to humans. But what has this got to do with your next Learning Module, online video, or commercial? 

It’s the perfect reminder that while you’re putting a lot of effort into getting the words for the script right, the voices that deliver the words in the script are just as important – if not more so – than the words themselves.

The voice over talent you choose has the power get inside the meaning of the words. They can then awaken emotions, convey authenticity, relate to your audience and personify your brand and values.

Ultimately, they can help deliver the key messages and emotions you are trying to get across to your target audience, which is exactly what you’re trying to achieve.

Need help finding the perfect voice over talent?

Abe’s Audio can help you find the perfect voice over talent for your video, podcast, eLesson or advert.

Let us know about your production, your target audience and what your goals are, and we can work with you to find the right voice. 

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