Whether you’re creating a video for your business, a television or radio commercial, eLearning, an online video, podcast, or some other type of production, chances are you’ll need a voice over artist.

One of the questions people often ask is whether you need a professional voice over artist for the job or is it’s something a staff member, the CEO or the owner of the company can do. Let’s look at this question in more detail to help you decide which is best for your business.

Using a professional voice over artist

There are many advantages to using a professional voice over artist for your next production. These include:

  • Emotions
    Good voice over artists can convey the types of emotions you want your target audience to feel.
  • Versatility
    Voice over talent is versatile. They can adapt their tone, pitch, speed and other aspects of their voice to suit your business and your production.
  • Believability
    You want your voice overs to be clear and deliver your messages in a way that makes them believable, powerful, dynamic and memorable. This is what professional voice over artists do.
  • Relate
    Your audience will identify and relate to voice overs done by professional voice over talent.
  • Personify your brand
    A professional voice over artist will personify your brand and your business’ core values.
  • Investment
    If you want a Hollywood, or even a well-known Australian actor or celebrity to record your voice overs, it’s going to cost a lot of money. However, most professional voice over artists are not overly expensive, particularly when you consider how they important they are to the success of your production.

Choosing a voice over artist

Using someone within the company for your voice overs

 There are two main advantages to using a member of staff, your CEO or the business owner to do the voice overs.

These are:

Although you do have to factor in the time of the person, it’s very likely someone from within the company would cost less than a professional voice over artist. However, once you factor in the time involved in recording multiple takes and the additional editing required, it could be a greater cost to the business.

Using someone from within the company for your voice overs can be authentic. They obviously understand the business very well and can potentially convey this to the target audience. However, most people get very nervous when they stand behind a microphone, so any authenticity can easily be lost.

There is one big potential disadvantage when using someone from within the company, however, and that is simply ability. Not everyone can walk in from the street and do your job, and it’s the same with voice overs.

Good voice over artists are professionals 

Good voice over artists are professionals and are very good and what they do. More often than not, they’re a terrific investment that can pay significant dividends for your video, ad, e-lesson, podcast or whatever production you are working on.

In addition, professional voice over talent can overcome any apparent lack of authenticity. as they can get ‘inside’ the meaning of a script and understand the target audience for your production. This, combined with their highly developed skills, will allow them to sound genuine and deliver your messages with authenticity.

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