If you regularly create TV or radio commercials, eLearning content or corporate videos, you’ve possibly thought about replacing human voice over talent with AI voices. From a cost perspective, it may look attractive, but does the use of AI voices make sense? Will they improve or detract from your production?

Human voice over talent versus artificial intelligence voice.

The marketing certainly makes artificial intelligence voices sound like the perfect answer for those that regularly use voice overs. One supplier claims, “100% natural sounding text to speech voices. Go from text to speech, in real-time.” Another says, “AI voice actors sound more human than ever – and they’re ready to hire.”

Are the claims true? Before we get into this question, let’s look briefly at how artificial intelligence voices are created. 

robotic artificial voice over

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How AI voices work.

Up until recently, most ‘AI’ voices were simply based on actual recorded words of humans collated and output by computer software. The result was usually clunky and rather robotic sounding. Perhaps okay for basic communication, but it is hardly a rival to having a real human voice over talent narrate a corporate video.

More recently, however, AI voices have been created by feeding hours and hours of audio of real people’s voices into a computer. Software is then used to ‘deep learn’ the voices, so that that human voice can be used to create other words from the mountain of data. These advancements in technology have certainly seen synthetic AI voices improve. 

A.I. voices are not about quality.

While AI voices are improving, people consider using synthetic voices for their production largely because of two main reasons – and quality isn’t one of them. Firstly, AI voices are likely to be cheaper, and secondly, it can be less time-consuming than recording a human voice over talent that’s perfect for your project.

Two reasonable reasons, but this doesn’t mean that AI voices are the answer for most productions. In fact, we would argue that at the current point in time, good human voice over talent will produce a far better result – and they’re worth the extra time and cost.

Voice overs are more than a script read.

For a start, a professional voice over artist won’t just read your script. He or she will add in the pauses, breaths and other nuances that are required to make your script come to life. They can sound younger or older. They can sound serious, happy, sad, contemplative or add any other type of emotion that is required for your production. Inflection and colour is hard to code with AI voices.

Human voice over talent will be more emotive, more personable and more authentic than AI voices. The end result is going to be more engaging for those listening to (and watching) your production.

Dare we say it, human voice over talent is simply going to sound more authentic, engaging and real and will increase the chances that your production will achieve its goal.

Get help finding the right voice over talent for your production.

Another reason that some people consider AI voices is that they think finding the right voice over talent is difficult. However, it doesn’t need to be.

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